Our Difference

We at Hyperion Solar Energy have the experience and integrity to ensure that you have a smooth process going solar. We aim to get it right the first time, and we spend enough of our time so that we make the best of your valuable time. We also bring our extensive experience to work with you to successfully meet any challenge.

Factory Direct Installation

As an Elite Partner with SunPower®, we at Hyperion Solar Energy are in a unique position to help you benefit from SunPower® for best customer experience in the industry. SunPower® not only makes the best solar panels but they also provide the highest quality installation from start to finish. So, the makers of your solar equipment also install it. This end-to-end solution is unmatched by SunPower®’s traditional dealer network.

By going solar with Hyperion Solar Energy, You will have a direct relationship with SunPower® throughout the life of your system. From the initial custom analysis to your system being powered up and beyond, all work is performed to the highest quality standards and strictest oversight. There is no greater level of assurance when going solar than going factory direct.

Our Custom Analysis

Your free solar analysis begins with a thorough assessment of your energy needs. We factor not only the energy you have used in the past, but what you will likely be using in the future. We also factor how you use energy, to see how you may also benefit from the best utility rate class when your grid-tied solar system is operating.

From there, we find the most optimal use of solar technology for your home to meet the highest aesthetic standards while also providing you the greatest financial benefit. To accomplish this, our staff is not only trained in all aspects of solar design and financing, but also includes individuals who have backgrounds in architecture and design.

Our In-Home Presentation

We explain the rising costs energy and how you are being personally affecting by them. From there, we show how our solar analysis will enable you to secure your cost of energy. Many of those we meet choose to move forward. Even those who choose not to move forward often remark how much they found our in-home presentation a worthwhile and educational experience.

Our Process

We oversee every step of the process of your going solar from the solar permit plan that is developed and submitted to the City or County inspectors. We are here to guide you every step of the way and navigate the all complexities involved on your behalf.

Our Goal

It is our goal that at the end of the process you are not only happy with your solar system, that you are as happy with it many years in the future as you were the day it was turned on.