Our SunPower® Technology

For over 30 years, our products partner SunPower® has been developing the most elegant and robust photovoltaic technology in the business, producing solar panels that are designed to withstand everything from golf balls to moisture to high winds to extreme temperature fluctuations.

Where SunPower® Began

SunPower® Corporation was founded in 1985 in the Silicon Valley by Dr. Richard Swanson, a Stanford professor. His patented innovative ideas became the foundation of SunPower®’s leading edge design and manufacturing processes which have created the most robust solar panels in the world.

Leading Innovation in Sustainability

SunPower® has led the way with cutting-edge technologies and solar energy innovations, and an approach to sustainability is that is second to none when it comes in maximizing energy output while minimizing harm on the environment.

A Proven Record

SunPower® panels have consistently held the record for energy generation and efficiency and have been consistently rated #1 for durability and longevity in third party tests.

The Choice Around the Globe

As SunPower® has relentlessly innovated to deliver the most advanced products and solutions, custom financing options, it has become choice of homeowner’s around the globe.